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thank you for joining us this on this edition of "newsline." israeli forces are not letting numb their air strikes on the gaza strip. they are firing missile after missile in an offensive against the islamic resist stance movement, hamas. palestinian officials say 79 people have been kill and at least 570 wounded. company is come mannereds launched their offensive on
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tuesday. they have attacked more than 800 locations in all. they have key individual to weapons depose and homes of hamas leaders. israeli commanders say since tuesday, militants in gaza fired more than 350 rockets toward southern israel. they have activated 23,000 reserve soldiers and may consider launching a ground off offensive the latest violence was sparked by the murders last month of three israeli teenagers. israeli authorities blame members of hamas. someone kidnapped and killed a palestinian teenager in what's believed to be a revenge killing. now u.n. secretary-general, ban key moon addressed an emergency meeting of the security council and say it had is more urgent than ever to avoid another israeli/palestinian war. >> i continue to condemn the rising number of civilian lives lost in gaza. once again, palestinian civilians are caught between hamas' responsibility and his real's tough response.
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>> ban said woe continue his efforts to bridge gaps and revive negotiations. but both the palestinian and israeli ambassadors are pointing fingers it other side. >> enough of their oppression under the israeli occupation. enough of this injustice and enough of this violence and conflict. >> we aren't looking for a band-aid solution that will allow hamas to rest and regroup. we are not going to give them a so-called time out. >> security council members are discussing a statement encouraging both sides to agree to a truce. the substances do not pose a significant threat. iraqi government officials said the insurgents took the material from a university. reuters says nearly 40 kilograms
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of uranium compounds were kept at the university for research purposes. the iraqi government is asking the u.n. for help. iae officials say the materials are low grade but any loss of regulatory control over nuclear and other radioactive material s a cause for concern. it would allow authorities to intercept some communications. the government will fast track the changes and the legislation is expected to become law as early as next week.
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judges ruled that keeping communications records for six months or longer infringes on human rights. prime minister david cameron says it's vital that some powers are not compromised. >> failure to act now would undermine our capability for range of threats to the safety of our citizens, andly not standby and let that happen. >> police arrested two british men in january after they returned from the war in syria. men in january after they returned from the war in syria.. >> police arrested two british men in january after they returned from the war in syria. authorities in germany have asked the top american spy in berlin to lead the country. they expelled the cia station chief after they discovers what they believe today be two new cases of americans spying.
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>> looking at it with common sense in my view. >> the world's two leading powers remain at odds over the issues of cyber security and exchange rates. >> reporter: it was the sixth installment. u.s. and chinese officials have sat down together to discuss common areas of concern. they've agreed to cooperate on pressuring north korean leaders to give up their nuclear
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program. nhk world's akihito mikoda reports. >> reporter: the two-day strategic and economic dialogue wrapped up in beijing on thursday. it was the sixth installment of the bilateral forum under u.s. president barack obama's administration. negotiators agreed on the need to end north korea's nuclear program as soon as possible. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and chinese state counselor yang jiechi spoke to reporters after the meeting. >> we discussed the importance of enforcing u.n. security council resolutions that impose sanctions on north korea's weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs. >> reporter: yang said denuclearization should be done in a peaceful way. the talks ended with disagreements on some issues. >> the loss of intellectual property through cyber has a
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chilling effect on innovation and investment. incidents of cyber theft have harmed our businesses and threatened our nation's competitiveness. >> reporter: kerry reported that they agreed to continue discussions on cybersecurity, but yang showed some restraint on the issue. >> translator: it's up to the u.s. to create the proper conditions for renewed dialogue on cyber security. >> reporter: china's control of exchange rate was also high on the agenda. the u.s. asked china to reform a system saying that beijing intentionally keeps the yuan currency low. the u.s. and china pledged to work together to tackle various issues. but that will be a challenge for these two major powers with very different stages of economic
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development and political regimes. akihido mikoda, nhk world, beijing. investors have looked at europe. what do you have for us? >> we've talked over and over about the problems financial institutions in europe have had. lately it's been somewhat quiet, but a bank in portugal has missed an interest payment and regulators had to suspend trading of its stocks. that sparked a wave of selling across europe and the worries carried over to wall street. investors here in tokyo too are concerned. share prices opened lower. the nikkei is still in negative territory down about a tenth percent. they look upon the yen that way too. traders are selling the dollar
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and the euro and buying the yen. in australia the benchmark index is slightly in the positive at 5,465. customs officials in china are seeing more and more activity at docks and airports. they say over the past three months exports have been busier. they brought in 181 billion dollar, up 7.2% from the same month last year. imports rose 5.5% to more than $150 billion. trade went up 6.4% to more than $340 billion. trade in the first half of the year came to 2 trillion 20
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billion dollars. that's up 1.2% from last year. they are expecting the second half of the year to be even better. they say economies in industrialized nations are likely to keep improving. they're calling on american executives to invest in their city in the lead up to the 2020 olympics. the officials hosted a seminar in new york for dozens of investors and business people. they said more and more opportunities are popping up in their city in the lead up to the games. they said many international companies have had offices in tokyo and they said it's a safe place to do business. many people seem to have got the message. >> wed love to open a office that could serve the larger asia love to open a o
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that could serve the larger asia population.ewed love to open a that could serve the larger asia population.'wed love to open a that could serve the larger asia population.dwed love to open a e that could serve the larger asia population. love to open a offi that could serve the larger asia population. >> some people were less enthusiastic. they said it's difficult to access the market in japan and they said corporate taxes are too high. japanese government officials are reaching to members of society. they are drawing up guidelines to break the cycle of child poverty. officials are still studying how many children are struggling and they're trying to work out what percentage of young people from single parent families finish school and go onto higher education. officials say they want to put more social workers in sool. they plan to offer more scholarships for high school. they want to hire experts to help single parents find work. they hope to get the draft guidelines approved ed at a cabt
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meeting next month. here is another check on markets.
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on thursday after voting ended newspapers were reporting the country's closest ever race in indonesia's history. >> translator: whoever becomes the president we hope he can improve our economy, society, politics and culture.
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>> for me, it doesn't matter who wins. what is important is that sur country is prosperous and faces no difficulties. >> the candidates waged the closest presidential race in indonesia's history. on wednesday, both declared victory based on separate exit polls by survey companies much the election committee will not announce the official results until july 22nd. some are worried that the delay could trigger confusion, or worse, outgoing president susilo yodohono will weigh into the discussion. he said he asked both camps to remain calm. the philippines bore the brunt of the typhoon that hit the country last year. many are struggling to rebuild their lives. we focus on the japanese man who is trying to help.
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a are. >> reporter: high tides damaged thousands of buildings. eight months later rebuilding has a long way to go. one key problem is missing property records and other official documents washed away in the floods. without these documents many people are without homes. the government asked for help. he's one of the world's few experts on restoring documents damaged in disasters. he arrived on the island in april. he started by restoring then
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registers. he did similar work after the march 2011 earthquake and tsunami in japan. it's a tricky task. wet documents must be dried without damaging them. he freezes the documents at 40 degrees celsius below zero using refrigerators. he places them in a vacuum for dehydration. it ensures the fibers are left undamaged. he had to leave behind equipment because of a lack of cash.
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in documents had decayed with mo mold after sitting untreated for half a year. humidity of 80% does not help. >> translator: this part may be too clingy to be separated. he used the kind you find in packets of cookies. >> translator: this is intended to keep them dry or reduce the moisture. >> reporter: he placed the document in the same container and waited. after a while he checked and found the surface of the document was beginning to dry.
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>> translator: this method points to one possibility or one feasible duration. the letters written on the restored document were now readable. >> translator: protect the rights of vulnerable. he hopes as many as people during this one year state so they can continue to work when he leaves.
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the world cup in brazil is drawing the attention of soccer fans. they gathered on the pitch for a rather off the wall competition. >> reporter: the people are playing the world's most popular sport, soccer. except their version is a lot bouncier. the object of the game is the same, to score goals. the players in this match bounce into each other a lot. they roll just about as much as the ball does.
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it spread to 20 countries. next year germany will host the first bubble soccer world cup in frankfurt. the sport was introduced to japan four months ago. more than 2,000 people have already tried the sport. japanese youngsters suited up in smaller but just as bouncy bubbles and they quickly learned the first rule. if you fall down it's hard, very hard to get back up. the players couldn't help bumping into each other all the time even knocking their teammates to the ground.
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>> reporter: i couldn't resist giving it a try so armed with a small camera, i suited up. it was a lot more difficult to play than i expected. being knocked down so many times i quickly tired out. i found the sport can be a bouncy good time for people at any age. judging by the smiles on their faces the sport seems unlikely to burst like a bubble any time soon.
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tropical storm is now low pressure system but people in northern parts of japan are still on the lookout for heavy downpours. we have an update in the world weather report. >> it's still tracking the pacific side of japan as it weakens. it's still enhancing the rainy season band that's lingering over northern japan which means it will be surging a lot of the moisture dumping it as heavy rainfall. about 120 millimeters of additional rainfall in hokkaido. these areas have been drenched with rainfall and it's saturated so flooding land slide and mudslide will be at very high risk. in the wake of this storm system it's pulled away but back of that we're likely to see heat.
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heat warnings are issued in japan. take a look at these figures. tokyo if it does hit 34 degrees on saturday that will be the hottest day we have seen so far. it's likely to continue into sunday. please watch out for heatstroke and heat exhaustion. things are heating up as well and there's a tropical depression that formed near the islands. it's likely to pull into guam. we're likely to see lots of rainfall and stormy conditions throughout your weekend throughout the islands. some of you enjoying your summer vacation. you're likely to see temperatures hot and on and off showers that will continue into sunday. here across eastern continental asia elsewhere we're likely to see thunderstorms in manila as well as bangkok.
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let's roll over to the americas where we have a little tornado touch down reported in south carolina. it's likely to bring rough weather across the mid-atlantic. it's a slow moving system and the tail end will continue to pound to the gulf states into friday. northern and central plains looking at severe thunderstorms. we want the precipitation, no relief in sight and fresno and 36 degrees. portland reaching 33 so extreme heat is covering the west. you have seen 110 millimeters of rainfall that fell over the course of five hours. the severe weather will continue to pound the locations into the weekend. it's likely to continue a bit longer. heat is here and also lisbon at
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34. hopefully it's not going to be affecting this festival. take a look at this video. the festival will take place through monday. here is your extended forecast around the globe for selected cities.
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we have another story to share. one of japan's most renowned musicians is stepping out of spotlight because of his health. he's putting all performances on hold because he's being treated for cancer. he got the diagnosis last month. he went to his doctor because he felt something strange in his throat. he became an international star in the 1970s as a member of the electro pop group yellow magic orchestra. he won an oscar and grammy in 1987. he won't be performing during his treatment but will be composing. that's all for now on this
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edition of "newsline." we'll be back at the top of the hour. do stay with us on nhk world.
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♪ a product of the country's population control policies, china's rapidly aging population

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